Ringhals nuclear power plant

Ringhals nuclear power plant is the largest power plant in Scandinavia. We are situated on the west coast of Sweden, 60 kilometres south of Gothenburg.

Ringhals has four reactors – three pressurised water reactors and one boiling water reactor. In a normal year, Ringhals generates some 28 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. This is approximately one fifth of Sweden's total electrical energy consumption.

Current production

Ringhals 1

The outage is ongoing and will last until August 31.

Ringhals 2

The unit is operated in coast down since May 20. When R2 will go down for outage, the power will be estimated to be about 450 MW compared with normal 904 MW at full power. R2 starts the outage on August 23.

Rinhals 3  

Normal operation.

Ringhals 4

Normal operation.

During normal operation, temporary adjustments of power can be made depending on demand of electricity.

For further information, visit Nord Pool.

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