Master Thesis Project Proposal: Power System Protection Modelling with IEC 61850 and IEC 61499

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Protection functions within substations are typically provided as closed-source software by vendors which then run on vendor-specific hardware. On the other hand, IEC 61850 standard provides an XML-based language for modelling of the substations which is independent of a particular vendor. Moreover, the standard provides several communication protocols which allow interoperability between the devices from different vendors.
In parallel, the domain of industrial control and automation systems provides the standard IEC 61499. This standard enables unambiguous modelling and development of control and automation applications. The standard addresses the use of Function Blocks (FBs) which allows a generic modelling approach to describe control applications, to exploit object-oriented paradigms and to reuse the applications on IEC 61499 supporting hardware. Moreover, the standard supports the exchange and reuse of developed applications through the exchange format which utilises eXtensible Markup Language (XML).
The aim of this project will be to bridge the gap between the modelling of the substations using IEC 61850 and IEC 61499 XML application descriptions. The project will aim to demonstrate the possibility of traversing from the Substation Configuration Description (SCD) through the IEC 61499 descriptions of the applications to the actual hardware implementation of the substation automation system. This approach allows decoupling of protection functions (algorithms) from the specific vendor's hardware or software. The project will also aim to show that it is possible to use protection algorithms from different vendors as long as the functions are implemented according to IEC 61499 and IEC 61850.
Project Outline
The project will start with a literature study of the previous work done on using IEC 61499 for protection purposes. Following the literature review, the student shall install and configure an open-source 4DIAC Runtime Environment (FORTE) [6] which will allow her to execute and test IEC 61499 applications. Also, the student shall use 4DIAC Integrated Development Environment (4DIAC-IDE) to create the IEC 61499 applications.
Then, the student will get herself familiar with both the IEC 61499 XML descriptions of the applications and IEC 61850 descriptions of the substations. Next, a simple protection scheme for a substation will be modelled using an IEC 61850 system integrator tool. The student will develop a tool which will map the IEC 61850 description of a substation to IEC 61499 XML application description. The mapping process should follow the methodologies described in IEC 61850-90-11 - Methodologies for modelling of logics for IEC 61850 based applications. Finally, the application will be tested with previously developed function blocks and a real-time platform.
Project Objectives
1. Perform a literature review on the subject of IEC61499 application for power system protection and automation.
2. Configure a set of tools for IEC 61499 application development and IEC 61850 system integrator tool.
3. Create an IEC 61850 model of a simple substation.
4. Develop a tool to map the IEC 61850 description of a substation to IEC 61499 application description.
5. Deployment of the mapped IEC 61499 application on the previously configured target machine.
6. Testing the performance of the application with hardware-in-the-loop simulations.
7. Demonstrate the interchangeability of protection function blocks.
• Basic knowledge of power system protection
• Basic experience with power system modelling
• Programming knowledge
• Currently enrolled at a Master program at KTH
Involved Company: Vattenfall
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Estimated Duration: 20 weeks (30 ECTS)
Application Deadline:
15th of August
Please provide a CV, personal letter and transcript of records (grades)
Main Contact Person: Tin Rabuzin (
Contact Person from Vattenfall:
Yiming Wu (
Tel: +46761368885
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