Forsmark nuclear power plant

Forsmark nuclear power plant is one of the largest power plants in Sweden. We are situated on the east coast, in the region of Uppland.

Forsmark has three boiling water reactors that generate 20-25 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in a normal year. This is approximately one sixth of Sweden's total electrical energy consumption.

The safety demands on our nuclear power plants are very strict. We are continually at work on developing and improving safety. In addition, the safety culture and safety work represent important aspects of staff training.

Safety above all

Investing for the future

We are investing for the future so that our power plants can generate power even more safely and in an environmentally better way. This will enable both reactor safety and reactor output to be increased, at the same time as we are modernising the reactors and extending their useful life.

Reducing environmental impact

All forms of electricity generation affect the environment in some way. Nuclear power is virtually free from acidifying and climate-affecting emissions. At Forsmark, we are continually working to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Forsmark and the environment

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