Welcome to Forsmark! Before you can come and work at Forsmark, we need a number of different certificates from you. The types of certificate required depend on where you will be working.

You will also need to attend a number of courses before you can work with us. You can find information about this here and on the "Training" page.

Outer check point

To avoid queues at the outer checkpoint, we ask you to have your identification and access documents ready. Remember to be out in time.


To gain entry to Forsmark, you should pre-register well in advance. Your contact person at Forsmark will register you.

If we have received your certificates in time, you can sign for your key card at the main entrance on arrival.

Don't forget to bring some form of identification.

Which certificates do I need to send in?

Different certificates are required depending on where in Forsmark you will be working (see table below). All certificates that you need, can be found on Certificates and forms.

Area Description Certificate
Industrial area Area inside outer fence, plus waterworks, water treatment plant and gas turbine

Protection and safety training

Drugs test

Security clearance

Protected area Operating area where the reactor facilities are located

Protection and safety training

Drugs test

Security clearance

Controlled area Belongs to the guarded area and relates to areas inside the facilities where the radiation level is raised

Protection and safety training

Operational training – radiation safety

Drugs test

Security clearance

Medical certificate

For more information about the training required, go to the page Training.

Drugs test

Before you are granted access to Forsmark you must take a drugs test and receive a so called "negative test result". This applies to all categories of staff including employees, entrepreneurs and hired staff. Suppliers are responsible for their own testing.

The substances tested are amphetamine, cannabinoids, opiates, benzodiazepine and cocaine. Should the drugs test results be positive, two years must pass before you can re-apply for access.

If narcotics rated substances are used for medicinal purposes, a medical certificate should be presented when the drugs test is carried out. A copy of the test results from the health care facility should be reported for each individual.

The drugs test results are valid for 3 years. Ongoing random tests are carried out at the workplace.

Submit your test results at least 4 weeks prior to your arrival.

See sample results from drugs test

Certificates and the records check are valid during the period that the person or firm is established at Forsmark. The documents might need to be renewed in the case of gaps longer than 1 year. When a person changes companies, new documents are needed as shown above.

Security clearance

Each contractor performs security checks on its own staff.

  • The Security clearance comprises of Security Clearance Certificate, with a criminal records check extract from home country and an interview.  
  • The Security Clearance Certificate shall be maximum 6 months old and is valid 1 year from date of issue.
  • For continued access the Security Clearance has to be renewed and sent to FKA annually.  
  • If a person changes company, the above-mentioned documents must be re-submitted.

A criminal records check extract from home country is needed for any foreign citizen, unless you have been a permanent resident of Sweden for at least 5 years.  In that case, a Swedish records check is enough given that you include an attest from Skatteverket that proves how long you have lived in the country.

Security Clearance Certificate

Swedish records check

In order to gain access to the facilities, Forsmark will carry out a security check in Swedish criminal records as well as the Security Police suspicion records. This applies to foreign citizens as well.

Permission to Security Control regarding criminal records (PDF, 613 kB)

Statement for Security Screening in accordance with the Security Protection Act

If a Swedish personal number, or D.O.B., has been obtained by the authorities, this has to be filled out in the field "D.O.B. or Swedish personel Identity number" under "Personal data" in the "Statement for register control" document.

An identity number might have been created for the individual during earlier visits to Sweden, for instance while being in contact with banks or healthcare.

If you are not sure whether any identity number exist, please contact Skatteverket's service phone +46 8 764 92 00.

Radiological medical examination/health declaration

If you're going to be working in the controlled part of the plant, i.e. in areas where there is radioactivity, you must undergo a radiological medical examination. You can have the examination carried out at your occupational health centre or at another medical establishment.

Download the form from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority's website

Certificates must be submitted on arrival.

The medical examination is valid for 3 years. In the intervening two years, a written health declaration must be submitted to the occupational health centre/clinic that performed the radiological medical examination.

Who needs to submit a dose report?

All foreign personnel must present a dose declaration or an excerpt from the national dose register. EU citizens must always present a radiological passport when arriving at Forsmark. 

Upon arrival all personnel shall submit this dose report together with the dose declaration or radiological passport.

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