Leisure time

Below we have gathered practical information that may be useful during your stay at Forsmark.

Here you find information regarding:

Bank, post office and grocery store
Bus services
Health center
Information center

Bank, post office and grocery store

The closest grocery store, bank and post office located in Östhammar, approximately 25 kilometers from here.

Convenience store

In the reception area you can find a small convenience store that offers a few selected food items.

We also serve as a representative of the pharmacy offering a small selection of products and you do have the option of using us as a pickup place for ordered prescriptions.

If needed we can reload your bus cards with Upplands Lokaltrafik and we also have new cards (however, no annual cards) for sale.

Bus lines

Upplands Lokaltrafik

Buses between:
Forsmark – Östhammar 835
Forsmark – Öregrund 855
Forsmark – Uppsala 751
Forsmark – Gävle 753

Health center

Contractors will receive accident care and help in case of an acute illness at the workplace.   


Weekdays in July you may visit Forsmarks bruk and walk around the mansion, visit the museum or take a bus tour down to the final repository for short-lived radioactive waste. The activities are free of charge. Please book your activities here: www.visitforsmark.se.


The staff restaurant Kraftkällan is centrally located next to the main entrance. Opening hours during weekdays (that is not a holiday) from 06:30-15:00. A staff restaurant is also available inside the area at Forsmark 3. Their opening hours is from 10:30-14:00. Extended opening hours at Kraftkällan during outages at Forsmark 1 and 2. Extended opening hours at the restaurant at Forsmark 3 during outage at Forsmark 3.

Additional dining option at Forsmarks Wärdshus located in Forsmarks Bruk



Parking is available in connection to the entrance of Forsmark 1 and 2 as well as at the entrance to Forsmark 3. Parking is also available on the right side before the bridge that leads over the channel for intake of cooling water to Forsmark 1 and 2. Additional parking is available at the staff accommodation Igelgrundet.


The sports center in the residential area is the training center in Forsmark

Via ISS reception tel 817 90 or email receptionen.forsmark@se.issworld.com you are able to book courts for tennis, badminton and floorball among other sports. Weight training is also available, as well as sauna access.

Loan against deposit

You can loan the following with a deposit fee:

  • Badminton racquet with ball 100 SEK/racquet
  • Tennis racquet with ball 100 SEK/racquet
  • Ping pong racquet with ball 100 SEK/racquet
  • Basketball 100 SEK/ball
  • Football 100 SEK/ball
  • Fishing rod with draw 100 SEK/rod with draw
  • Bicycle 500 SEK/bike


Exercise trail

The exercise trail starts from the campsite and is approximately 3 kilometers long.  

Beach sauna

  • The beach sauna is booked in the reception for 1 500 SEK.                                      
  • The beach sauna with bathing tub, the booker manages the fire, 2300 SEK.
  • The beach sauna with bathing tub, ISS manages the fire, 2700 SEK.


The sauna rental includes towels, soda and snacks.

Booking: Tel 817 90 or email receptionen.forsmark@se.issworld.com


Boats (only during outage) 100 SEK/day/boat

Booking: Tel 817 90 or email receptionen.forsmark@se.issworld.com

Rental car

Rental car from Hertz www.hertz.se or call 0173-824 64

Laundry and mechanical hall

  • Carwash – time booked in the reception, maximum of 2 hours each time
  • Car mechanical hall – time booked in the reception
  • Laundry facility – time booked in the reception

Booking: tel 817 90 or email receptionen.forsmark@se.issworld.com

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