Work at Forsmark

Forsmark is an exciting workplace, we offer many opportunities for the future and we will continue to recruit new employees.

All our employees are involved in exciting and responsible work that requires expertise, commitment and a meticulous approach to safety.

A large number of consultants and contractors, local as well as national and international suppliers, are engaged to carry out work at the nuclear power plant. Information that consultants and contractors need before executing their assignments can be found via the link to the right.

Our primary needs

We are continuously modernising and renewing our facilities in Forsmark. This is creating major challenges for anyone who is interested in working and developing in a technical environment.

We mostly need graduate engineers. We will also be recruiting from technical upper secondary and vocational courses. Examples of professional positions include control room personnel, development engineers, quality engineers, maintenance engineers and design engineers as well as project managers.

Please check available positions here.

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