Sweden's largest nuclear power plant is an exciting place to work. Before you can come and work at Ringhals, we need several certificates from you. The types of certificate required depend on where you will be working.


To gain entry to Ringhals, you should preregister in advance, around 8 weeks before your start date. Your contact person at Ringhals will register you.
If we have received your certificates in time, you can sign for your key card/ id-badge in the reception building upon arrival.

Don't forget to bring some form of identification.

Which certificates do I need to send in?

Different certificates are required depending on where in Ringhals you will be working.

Area Explanation Certificate
Industrial area The area within the outer fence

Protection and safety training

Drug test (test result)

Security clearance*

Protected area Operating area with the reactor facility

Protection and safety training

Drugs test (test result)

Security clearance*

Controlled area The area inside the plant with increased radiation levels

Protection and safety training

Operational training - radiation safety

Drugs test (test result)

Security clearance*

Medical certificate

*- Information about Security background check/Consent to register control (concerned person)
*- Security Clearance (company) – valid 1 year from date of issue
*- Extract from the home country's criminal records - maximum 6 months old, valid 1 year from date of issue
*- Statement for register control according to the security protection act (filled in digital)



You may need to attend several training sessions prior to working with us.

Security and safety course

Are you new to Ringhals?

If so, you will take a course on your first day at Ringhals. There is more information on the training page.

Have you worked at Ringhals previously, as a contractor or consultant? You can repeat the course online via the link on the right. Print out the certificate following the training, and get your team leader to sign it.

The certificate needs to be provided upon arrival at Ringhals.

Validity period: 3 years

Drug test

In order to gain access to Ringhals protected areas or to work in the industrial area for more than five consecutive days, you must have passed a drug test.

You must have taken and passed the drug test prior to your arrival at Ringhals. You can take the drug test at your occupational or public health centre. The substances tested for are amphetamines, cannabinols, opiates, benzodiazepines and cocaine.

If the outcome of the drugs test is positive, you may not attempt to gain access to the site again for at least 2 years. If you use classified drugs for medical purposes, you must supply a medical certificate when the drugs test is performed.

Random alcohol tests are carried out on site.

A copy of the test result for each individual issued from the health center must be posted to Access Service at Ringhals.

Send a copy of the test result at least 7 days prior to arrival.

Validity period: 3 years.

Security background checks and register control

Security clearance comprises of security checks and a criminal records check. Before you can be granted access to the facilities or to work on IT system of Ringhals, we require the following documents:

Information about how to do the process

The following documents must be filled in:

Information about security background check

– signed by you, the individual

Screening for unescorted access

– from your company

Request of register control

– completed digitally by you, the individual 

Each contractor performs security checks on its own staff. A criminal records check is then performed against police records. Ringhals applies for the criminal records check through Svenska Kraftnät

For foreign citizens, send the certificates at least 12 weeks prior to arrival.

The certificates and criminal records checks are valid for 1 year. They may need to be renewed for absences of longer than a year. 

Remember! If you change company, a new certificate is needed.

What does security background check involve?

What are register controls?

Questions about security background checks and register controls?
Send an email to

Medical certificate – screening/health check

If you are going to work within controlled areas at Ringhals, that is areas where there is radioactivity, a radiological medical examination is required. This includes urine tests, taking blood samples, testing blood pressure and a dialogue with the nurse and doctor.

You can take the medical examination at your occupational or public health centre.

Medical certificate

Health declaration 

Send the certificate at least 7 days prior to arrival.

Validity period: 3 years

In the interim period, you should submit a health declaration to the health centre which performed the medical examination.

Dose report

Foreign staff must submit a dose report upon arrival to Ringhals. This also applies to Swedish residents if doses are not in the Central Dose Register. This may be the case if you have spent time working abroad.

Dose report (PDF 669 kB)

The certificate needs to be provided upon arrival at Ringhals.

Finnish workers

From January 2015 Finnish workers upon arriving at Ringhals are required to show a personal document (dose passport) showing dose history and radiation data. Dose passports for Finnish citizens are issued by STUK, email:

The previous automatic routine for dose data transfer between Sweden and Finland has been terminated.

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