Here we have gathered the agreements and appendices that apply to contractors or consultants to Forsmark or Ringhals.

The framework agreements relating to contractors and consultants are common to Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB and Ringhals AB, which also includes the subsidiary company Barsebäck Kraft AB. There are a number of appendices to the agreements, which we have gathered here, and some of these differ from one plant to the other.

Framework agreements and general appendices

General rules of agreement for architectural and engineering consulting services (PDF 250 kB)

Price list (XLS 30 kB)

Appendices to agreements for Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB

Conditions for undertaking work at Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB (PDF 1 MB)


Admittance to Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB for foreign citizens

Drug test

28 days before arriving, contractors and consultants have to have sent drug test results for each separate individual – see address in chapter two. The original protocol should be sent to FKA.

Substances to be tested are amphetamine, cocaine, opiates and cannabis. Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB reserves the right to perform random drug and alcohol test. After three years the drug test results have to be renewed.

See sample results from drug test


In case of problems saving the information in the forms below: Chose "print as pdf" and save the file.

Security Clearance Certificate

Statement for Security Screening in accordance with the Security Protection Act

Permission to Security Control regarding criminal records (613 kB)

Personal Confidentiality Agreement

Names and categories  (PDF 250 kB)

Appendices to agreements for Ringhals AB

Forms for Security background check and register control (PDF 291 kB)

Names and categories (PDF 15 kB)

Environmental requirements for suppliers to Ringhals (PDF 25 kB)

Safety regulations at Ringhals (PDF 646 kB)


Dose report (PDF 669 kB)

Information about security background check

Screening for unescorted access

Request of register control

Confidentiality undertaking (PDF 160 kB)


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