Here are some responses to the most frequently asked questions for you as consultant or contractor.

Security background check

What does security background check involve?

Security background check demonstrates that:

  • the individual is not under prosecution and does not have a serious criminal record.
  • the individual does not have substance abuse issues or serious financial problems.
  • educational transcripts and the certificates show reliability over the last three years.
  • via reference checks, the above can be verified.

If I've already gone through security background check, do I have to do it again?

External personnel who have not worked at Ringhals for a 12 month period must undergo security background check and register control again.

Do security background check and register control from another power plant apply at Ringhals?

Each plant does its own register control. If you have had register control at another nuclear power plant, the administration can be processed quicker. Security background check approval certificate, consent for register control, and requests should be sent to Ringhals so that Ringhals can submit the register control for each person.

How does the firm carry out security background check for a person?

Clearance is based on personal information about the individual and information provided by educational transcripts, certificates and references. It is recommended to ask the individual the following questions:

  • In the last 10 years, have you been suspected of or convicted of an offence under the criminal code?
  • Is there any police investigation currently underway in which you are involved?
  • Do you have or have you had substance abuse issues, or have you been suspected of or convicted of an offence in accordance with the Narcotic Drugs Punishments Act?
  • In the last five years, have you been suspected of or convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Have you previously given consent for register control or been checked under §14 (Security Protection Act) for terrorist offences?

What does the form "security background check approval certificate" involve?

A security background check is completed by each contractor and certified via the approval certificate. Clearance is based on personal information about the individual and information provided by educational transcripts, certificates and references.

Register controls

What do register controls involve?

It is a check against the Swedish Security Service's central police register. The intention of the check shows that the details from the security background check are not harmful. Ringhals cannot perform this check without permission, therefore, the individual must give authorisation.

How long does it take?

We cannot control the time required for register controls, nor do we know how far along the process is at any given time. It all depends on how much information Svenska Kraftnät and the Swedish Security Service (SSS) have to check. It is important to only send in personal documents that are relevant to your work at Ringhals, in order to reduce the administration time for Svenska Kraftnät and the Swedish Security Service.

Who is responsible for sending the documents?

The company which is carrying out the work must send the documents to Ringhals AB. The company may also to send them to the contact person at Ringhals, who then sends them on to the Access Service.

Where should the documents be sent?

Documents are to be sent to Ringhals AB, Tillträdesservice, SE- 432 85 Väröbacka. A contractor must not send documents directly to Svenska Kraftnät or the Swedish Security Service.

How long in advance should the documents be sent in?

6 - 8 weeks prior to work beginning at Ringhals for Swedish residents. 8 - 12 weeks prior for foreign residents. There is no guarantee that register controls will be completed within this time.

When should a person have register controls?

A person due to work in a protected area must undergo register controls and a person due to log in to Ringhals' IT network must also be checked.

Who does the register controls?

It is Ringhals as a plant which carries out the register controls. Ringhals sends the documentation to Svenska Kraftnät who in turn then sends it to the Swedish Security Service, they then perform checks on Swedish nationals. If a foreign citizen is involved, the Swedish Security Service sends the documentation to the relevant police unit closest to the most recent address for the individual concerned. Before Ringhals can carry out register controls on an individual, we must have received the approval certificate, the individual's authorisation and police form.

How do you know when the register controls are completed?

You are welcome to call the Access Service for information about register controls.

If a person has been to Forsmark, do they still require a check for Ringhals?

If a person has been checked for working at Forsmark, a check must still be carried out for Ringhals, as the plant is responsible for the access check. However, the process will be quicker, as Svenska Kraftnät already has the authorisation/refusal from the Swedish Security Service which can be sent to Ringhals.

I had register controls for Oskarshamn, why doesn't the check cover me at Ringhals too?

Each nuclear power plant does its own checks. If you haven't been at a nuclear power plant for 12 months, the check is no longer valid for the plant you have applied for. If it is a joint check, the check for all nuclear power plants is cancelled.

Working at other different nuclear power plants

I have worked at Forsmark, am I ready to work at Ringhals?

Details of medical examinations, health declarations, protection & safety training and radiation & protection training is transferred to the Ringhals access system.

Drug tests, security clearance and background checks are not transferred automatically, they must be re-done.

However, the register controls do not take as long as normal, as the search is already underway at another nuclear power plant.

Radiological medical examination

What is a radiological examination?

A radiological examination includes urine samples, blood samples, blood pressure checks and dialogue with the nurse and doctor. The aim of the medical examination is to determine whether the individual runs any specific risk of injury if exposed to ionising radiation or due to other medical issues should not work with ionising radiation.

Drug test

What substances are tested for in the drug test for Ringhals?

The substances tested for are amphetamines, cannabinoids, benzodiazepines, opiates and cocaine.

How is a drug test carried out?

With a urine, saliva or hair sample.

Morphine - how is that classified?

Morphine is classed as a narcotic, as it is a type of opiate.

What should I do if I am taking a morphine-based preparation?

You should state that you are taking medication prior to the sample testing, and be able to provide the original or a copy of the packaging label, which should state that it is prescribed, where it was given to you and prove it was specifically given to you.

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