Leisure time

Bank, post office and grocery store

Bua town centre and Väröbacka, approx. 3 km.

Bus services

Buses 690-695

Special morning and afternoon service between Ringhals and Varberg. The bus stop is outside the reception building.

Bus 615

Buses between Ringhals and Varberg and buses between Ringhals and Kungsbacka run every day, including weekends. You can catch the bus at the crossroads of Ringhalsvägen and Videbergshamnsvägen.

For current bus times, see the Hallandstrafiken website under Travel/Timetables.

Healthcare clinic

Contractors are covered by accident care and assistance for acute illness in the workplace.


The Kantarellen restaurant is located in the centre of the Ringhals' industrial area. There is another restaurant outside the area, which has a limited menu, located in the Videbergsborg 2 building.

Car Park

No private vehicles permitted in the Ringhals area. Parking spaces are available on both sides at the entrance to Ringhals, and past the Infocenter towards Videbergshamn.

Physical exercise

Ringhallen is the NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) Ringhals facility for physical exercise.

Contractors and consultants working on NPP Ringhals are allowed to use this facility but will need a special electronic card for access. The card can be obtained from the Accommodations Office situated in the receptions building RG 37.

Also, just outside Ringhallen is the starting point of a 4,4 km track for running or walking. The track goes through woods and offers some nice views over the coastal landscape at some locations along the track.

For more information contact Accommodations Office +46 340 668 100.

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