Nyhet | 2015-01-12 | 11:31

An average generation year for Ringhals

2014 has been a good year for Ringhals. The four reactors generated a total of 24.6 TWh of electricity, which is equivalent to 18 per cent of Sweden's electricity consumption.

Ringhals 3 had its third best year ever, generating 8.1 TWh of electricity with an availability of over 88 per cent. The total availability figure for Ringhals was 77 per cent.

Ringhals celebrated 40 years as an electricity generator in 2014. At the start of 2015, the nuclear power plant will have generated 800 billion kilowatt hours of electricity (800 TWh) since it started operations in 1974.

"We are looking forward to a year of secure and stable operations across the entire company," says Ringhals' Head of Communications Anna Stålnacke. "We are continuing with the upgrading and improvement work that has been carried out for many years on our safety systems to comply with stricter demands. An extended outage will take place in 2015 in Ringhals 2 with a number of major projects planned during the outage."

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