Nyhet | 2016-01-20 | 07:49

Ringhals' annual generation 2015

Ringhals' annual generation amounted to 21.1 TWh in 2015. This is equivalent to about 15% of total electricity consumption in Sweden.

The fact that Ringhals 2 was at a standstill for the entire year is the overriding reason that total generation was lower than planned, the lowest for Ringhals since 2011.

The year's highest generation was noted for Ringhals 3, which achieved 7.75 TWh and also had the best availability at 86.4%.

Annual generation for Ringhals 4 was 7.60 TWh, its best ever output. The power uprate of about 175 MW which was implemented in February 2015 contributed to the generation record.

Ringhals 1 achieved 5.77 TWh, which can be viewed as satisfactory in the light of the almost two month long outage, and the subsequent period with single turbine operation.

Ringhals capacity was regulated to an appreciable extent for the first time in the 2000s. Almost 0.4 TWh of capacity was lost for power balance reasons.


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