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Ringhals has celebrated 40 years in operation

August marked 40 years since the first electricity from Ringhals was fed into the grid. Celebrations included a jubilee seminar and a 40-metre cake in Varberg.

Jubileumsfirande Ringhals

On 16 August, Ringhals opened a jubilee exhibition at the Komedianten arts centre and treated Varberg residents and tourists to cake. Among other things, the exhibition showed the development that has taken place over the past 40 years. Parts of Ringhals' art collection were also on show, as well as a photowall with pictures presenting 24 hours at the nuclear power plant.

Jubileumsutställning Ringhals

In late August a jubilee seminar was held for invited guests from Varberg Municipality, the County Administrative Board, Ringhals' owners Vattenfall and E.ON, the energy industry in general, suppliers and contractors, and others.

Ringhals' CEO, Eva Halldén, expressed her pride over the large volume of electricity which Ringhals has generated since 1974– safe, stable and with excellent environmental values.

"Up to today, Ringhals has generated more than 775 billion kilowatt hours – an enormous amount of electricity. Our current plans anticipate that our four reactors will be able to generate approximately the same amount again during their lifetime. In other words, we still have half left!"

The working life of the reactors was originally planned at 40 years, but modernisations and investments in enhanced safety have pushed the planning horizon towards 60 years.

"The dedicated staff have been absolutely crucial to Ringhals' successes. It is thanks to all the capable and skilled people, who have been equally committed in good and bad times, that we have got to where we are today," said Eva Halldén.

Jubileumsutstallning Ringhals

Vattenfall's CEO Øystein Løseth then took the stage, talking about the importance of nuclear power and Ringhals in ensuring that, over the years, Swedish households and industries have been able to receive secure electricity supplies that have a very minor impact on the climate.

"Together, Ringhals and Forsmark account for half of Vattenfall's electricity generation in Sweden – stable, independent of the weather and with excellent environmental values," Øystein Løseth emphasised. "Important modernisations and upgrades have been made in the last ten years, and this work continues. During the next four years we will be investing a further SEK 15 billion or so in Swedish nuclear power."

Jörgen Warborn, Chair of the Municipal Committee in Varberg, emphasised Ringhals' importance to the positive spiral which Varberg is currently experiencing, including expansion of infrastructure and housing, along with excellent conditions for jobs, enterprise, training and leisure activities.

Vip-seminarium Ringhals

"I feel safe with Ringhals' operations," Jörgen Warborn said. "We have an open dialogue and first-class cooperation. Ringhals is important for the development of Varberg, for Halland and for Sweden's electricity supply as a whole."

Jubileumsfirande Ringhals

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