Nyhet | 2015-03-19 | 12:29

Ringhals well on the way to being world class

In the first week of March, Ringhals received a visit from WANO, the review body for the international nuclear power industry. The purpose of the visit was to assess the situation following the major review of the business that was carried out in 2013, to make sure that Ringhals' improvement work was on the right track.

WANO, the World Association of Nuclear Operators, is a group of international nuclear power companies which was set up in 1989. WANO's mission is to strive for safety and reliability. The purpose of the reviews is to compare the plant with international best practice, and to provide suggestions for potential improvements in areas such as operation, maintenance, radiation protection and safety culture.

In summary, WANO team leader Alexis Grimaud stated that Ringhals had improved in several areas since 2013, in spite of a major reorganisation. The organisational changes within Ringhals have created a good platform and foundation which provides the right conditions for further improvements. He encouraged both managers and employees to keep up the good work.

This opinion is shared by Ringhals' Deputy Managing Director Björn Linde and Johan Börjesson, Head of quality, safety and the environment:

"In the first six months after the WANO review in 2013 we deliberately chose to prioritise work with the new organisation. We see the impact of this in the follow-up in that not all the results are evident yet. WANO's assessment is fair and reasonable, given that targeted improvement work in the designated areas was late getting under way."

"Now, we'll continue to work constructively as we go forward. The next review will be in March 2017. By that time, hopefully major progress will have been made in Ringhals' improvement work towards our objective: to be a world-class nuclear power plant."

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