Nyhet | 2016-10-07 | 10:09

Underlag till standard för generatorinspektion

Examensarbete av Annelie Olsson, Mittuniversitetets Högskoleingenjörsprogram i Elkraftteknik.

Handledare på Vattenfall: Benny Stenström.


This is the first step at Vattenfall to create a standard that will be used to do inspections of their generators. The best way to create a new standard is to speak with people that work with the inspection of the generators. They have a lot of experience and know how to interpret signs and when it is time to maintain the generator. The purpose is to see and take care of problems before they lead to a breakdown. That is done by using condition-based maintenance. To estimate how to do the right assessment when noticing different behavior of the generator was not the only problem. It is also difficult to understand what should be checked during inspection and therefore a new inspection list has been created. To make data collection useful there has to be a good way in handling data. When handling data in a good manner the opportunity to make the right decisions based on facts increase.