Nyhet | 2017-01-04 | 11:33

Usability evaluations of vector graphic editors

Examensarbete (15 hp) av Elin Svedin, Uppsala universitet.

Handledare på Vattenfall: Oskar Nilsson.


In this thesis vector graphic editors are evaluated with the help of different usability studies. The usability studies include heuristic evaluations, cognitive walkthroughs and usability evaluations. These studies were done in order to find appropriate usability requirements for web based graphical editors and to implement a new editor for the company KSU. The user groups in all studies are therefore co-workers at KSU and most studies focus on their old graphical editor DV Draw. The findings during the evaluations are divided into two lists, one with specific requirements for KSU and one with general requirements for all graphical editors. The thesis also presents a design solution based on the requirements, design guidelines and design principles found appropriatefor a graphical editor.