Nyhet | 2013-02-01 | 08:50

Dialogue on replacement of units

Dialogue with the municipality is a natural part of Vattenfall´s analysis concerning replacement reactors.
Mats Ladeborn, in charge of nuclear power development at Vattenfall, will meet municipal representatives in Varberg at the beginning of February, as reported by local media.

“This is part of our analysis work. No decisions on replacement reactors has been taken as yet; the dialogue is part of a long process,” says Ladeborn.

In conjunction with Vattenfall’s request to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) in the summer for approval to replace its nuclear power installations, the analysis work on the possibility of replacement reactors moved into a more intensive phase. Vattenfall is at the beginning of a comprehensive process, involving many steps, which will extend over several years. A decision can only be taken in 8-10 years' time. The analyses of the preconditions for nuclear power must then move on to more concrete applications and approval processes.

“We have, as I said, no concrete plans to build any replacement reactors. All our investments, irrespective of energy type, must be profitable and be based on solid decision-making. The dialogue with Varberg municipality that we are planning to hold in February is part of these analyses, and will help us create an overall picture. We will listen to their long-term objectives within the scope of their municipal overview plans. This is one of many meetings that we will have in order to be able to complete our analysis,” says Ladeborn.

Dialogues with a number of interested parties in Varberg and Östhammar municipalities have already been held in order to report on Vattenfall’s analysis work.

“We have an open and transparent process, in which we endeavour to provide interested parties with as good and comprehensive information as possible about our analysis work,” says Ladeborn.