Nyhet | 2012-09-05 | 15:10

Environmental audit receives good grade

Every year Ringhals undergoes an inspection by external auditors to determine if and how we are meeting the requirements of the environmental standards for which we are certified. At this year's environmental audit, the auditors were impressed by Ringhals' work and we received a good grade.

Ringhals is certified according to the environmental management systems ISO 14001 (external environment), OHSAS 18001 and AFS 2001:1 (both work environment). The primary object of the systems is to reduce the company's impact on the environment by stimulating the development of environmental work that is integrated into everyday operations.

This year's audit focused on the practical work during the outage at Ringhals. The auditors visited Ringhals 1 and the active recycling station, interviewed staff and reviewed documents. The assessment showed that work is actively underway in terms of both the work environment and the outdoor environment. The preventative work using safety rounds and pre-job briefing works well. The work that was carried out during the audit followed Ringhals' procedure for environment and work environment management, and the company has come further this year in terms of orderliness and organisation.

"We are very good at environmental work," says Malin Liljesson, environment controller at the Quality and Environment Unit at Ringhals, who has prepared the inspection in cooperation with her colleague Hannah Fridholm. During the EMAS* inspection last spring, the auditors indicated that we should be proud of what we are doing and this is a very good grade.

* EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) is the EU’s voluntary environmental control and environmental audit decree, a set of rules to help companies manage their environmental work.

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