Nyhet | 2012-10-09 | 12:45

Greenpeace activists taken into custody after breaking in at Ringhals and Forsmark

A total of 59 Greenpeace activists were taken into custody by the Swedish police after forcing the first barriers at nuclear power plants Forsmark and Ringhals early Tuesday morning.

The purpose of the barriers surrounding the industrial areas is to delay and to sound an alarm. After that other security measures follow. The activists were apprehended immediately after they had forced the first barriers. Security measures at Forsmark and Ringhals work exactly as they are intended to.

The Greenpeace activists climbed Forsmark´s first barrier at 7.45 Tuesday morning by using ladders. The activists forced the first barrier at Ringhals by cutting a hole in the fence. The activists only reached the premises with a lower security level.

43 activists were apprehended at Forsmark and 16 at Ringhals. They were calmly being taken into custody and police is on site both at Forsmark and Ringhals. Both sites will hold press conferences will after lunch today.

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