Nyhet | 2012-08-09 | 20:45

Inspection of Ringhals 2 reactor vessel

An inspection of the reactor vesselat the Doel nuclear power plant in Belgium has revealed what may be abnormalities in the material structure in parts of the tank. Further investigations are ongoing to find out more from the data collected. Parts of the vessel are from the same manufacturer as the vessel at Ringhals 2, so Ringhals is following the developments in Belgium carefully.

The reactor vesselat Ringhals 2 is set to undergo its regular ten-year inspection as part of this year's outage, which will start on 15 September. Extensive testing will be carried out as usual, but consideration will also be given to the Belgian findings, which will be a continuous point of reference going forward.

Ever since it was manufactured at the beginning of the 1970s, the reactor vessel at Ringhals 2 has been very well documented. A good number of investigations have been conducted since then, but these have not indicated anything similar to what has recently been discovered at Doel.