Nyhet | 2012-10-17 | 16:00

Reactor vessel at Ringhals 2 without defects

The extended testing of the reactor vessel at Ringhals 2 is now complete. The results show no signs of damage or shortcomings in the reactor vessel compared to the defects found in the Belgian reactor Doel 3.

“This is great news for us,” says Lars Björnkvist, plant manager for Ringhals 2. Our reactor pressure vessel despite almost 40 years in operation is well equipped to cope with 50 and most likely 60 years in operation. For the nuclear industry as a whole, it is also a relief that the defects in the Belgian reactor vessel are not a common and generic problem.

Ringhals has conducted the testing with the assistance of the accredited testing company Dekra. A method and test routine, established in a very short space of time, was qualified by the Swedish Qualification Centre (SQC).

The testing covers the total volume of basic material in the reactor vessel, within a 90 degree sector of all three core shells, in other words a quarter of the vessel is tested. The same robot was used as that in the year's scheduled 10-year reactor vessel test. This test did not reveal any deviations either from what was expected.