Nyhet | 2012-11-23 | 09:15

SSM satisfied with progress made by Ringhals

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has responded to Ringhals' latest half-year report. According to SSM, there have been positive developments at Ringhals who have invested major resources in rectifying the problems they have had.

Every six months, Ringhals accounts for their ongoing work with the safety development action programme, a consequence of the special supervision of Ringhals.

The response from the Authority is positive on the whole, but they wish to be fully convinced that the progress made continues in a positive vane and that the changes implemented by Ringhals are long term before they discontinue the special supervision.

“I am happy with the report,” says Eva Halldén, Managing Director at Ringhals. “The Authority's response indicates that we are on the right track. We will now continue with this work unabated to further improve our processes and work methods.”