Nyhet | 2013-06-03 | 15:00

Vattenfall wants to buy more land at Ringhals

More land will be needed at Ringhals in the future, irrespective of whether nuclear power is decommissioned or whether Vattenfall chooses to invest in replacement reactors in Sweden. Landowners in the vicinity of Ringhals have been contacted but the decision on whether or not to build will not be made for at least eight years.

Vattenfall is currently planning on the basis of an operating time of 50 years for Ringhals 1 and 2, which began operations in the mid-70s, and 60 years for Ringhals 3 and 4. At the same time, analysis work is being carried out to identify the preconditions for possible replacement reactors. No such decision or choice of location for possible replacement reactors has been made.

"If the time comes for a generation shift or if existing reactors are dismantled we may need more land than Vattenfall currently owns," says Mats Ladeborn, Head of Nuclear Power Development within Nuclear Power Projects and Services.

The analysis work being undertaken regarding the preconditions for building new nuclear power plants also includes Forsmark, where the company already owns sufficient land. But any decision to build a new reactor is still a long way off and is not likely to be taken for at least eight years.

"We want to give everyone who lives in the area the opportunity to reflect calmly on what possible changes in the future could mean for them. Discussions with landowners may lead to us offering to purchase their land at the market price and allowing them to remain on as tenants," says Mats Ladeborn.